This institution comprises well qualified Professors, Scientists and Forest Officials. Hence, it gives a scope to educate the young generation in crop improvement programmes and higher studies like M.Phil., Ph.D. and post doctoral studies. Such areas will be declared as “MPCA (Medicinal Plants Conservation Area)   Soil and water testing laboratory, pathological expert group,  growing of medicinal plants and their marketing to the concerned industries, forestation programmes to rejuvenate the bald hills in collaboration with the forest department, documentation of micro and macro flora will be conducted to analyze the biodiversity. Research work will be collaborated with other research institutions and Universities to make this institution renowned for which it has been established.


            Representative field will be visited by the concerned person, suggestions will be given to the farmers then and there. Time consuming problems will be taken up as research topics for the further investigation. Infections will be brought to the laboratory, demonstrated to the farmers to make them efficient to tackle the problem.