This INSTITUTION comprises a Director and intellectuals in three categories:

I- Retired Professors/Scientists and Forest Officials, who will incorporate their knowledge into the rural development and constitute the pillars of the institution. These individuals will apply schemes to Funding Agencies to get the projects, and will guide the students for their degrees/diplomas.

II- Professors, Scientists and Forest Officials, who are in service, will serve as advisors. These individuals will apply to funding agencies to get the projects and also will guide the students for the degrees/diplomas.


III-Young Scientists, who have started their research career in reputed and recognized institutions, will serve as members to activate the institution. 


This is a multidisciplinary organization founded purely to serve the farmer, the backbone of the country, initially in the areas such as:


(i)                 Rectification of saline soils, making the crops free from root parasites, root grub, etc.

            using the biological means and methods.

(ii)               Documentation of the plant and microbial wealth of the region and make out the medicinal plants for the present and future use and the farmer to benefit.

(iii)             Striving to develop the institution to be recognized by different Universities for higher degrees like M.Phil. and Ph.D., structured to further the farmer's subsistence and productivity interests; and

(iv)             Making the land viable for crop-plant growth by introducing the eco-friendly microbes and using weeds as biofertilizers, biopesticides, and to improve the soil moisture and fertility through organic farming and other traditional methods.