This is a multidisciplinary organization founded purely to serve the farmer, the backbone of the country, initially in the areas such as:


(i)                 Rectification of saline soils, making the crops free from root parasites, root grub, etc.

            using the biological means and methods.

(ii)               Documentation of the plant and microbial wealth of the region and make out the medicinal plants for the present and future use and the farmer to benefit.

(iii)             Striving to develop the institution to be recognized by different Universities for higher degrees like M.Phil. and Ph.D., structured to further the farmer's subsistence and productivity interests; and

(iv)      Making the land viable for crop-plant growth by introducing the eco-friendly microbes and using weeds as biofertilizers, biopesticides, and to improve the soil moisture and fertility through organic farming and other traditional methods. 


Dr. V.B. Hosagoudar belongs to farmer’s family in Bilagi, a taluka place in Bagalkot district, flanked between Krishna and Ghataprabha rivers, enriched with black and red fertile soil. The main occupation of this region is agriculture. After the construction of the dam at Almatti, thousands of acres of lands submerged in water and subsequently land became scarce and precious. In addition to this, farmers started cultivating sugarcane because of availability of water and also to balance the labour problems. As a result, maximum number of sugar industries appeared in Vijapur and Bagalkot districts. Reckless feeding of water and fertilizers, black soil started converting itself a barren land by increasing its salinity.  Dr. V.B. Hosagoudar was still in service and was felicitated in Bilagi. The then chief guest of the ceremony was a prominent personality, appreciated him to the maximum for his contribution to the field of microbiology and proclaimed that “what Dr. V.B. Hosagoudar has contributed to his birth place”! This became a thought provoking and burning problem. After his retirement, a thorough discussion was carried out with several farmers for more than a year and the outcome of those became an aim and objectives for the research viz. increased salinity in black soil, heavy crop loss due to root parasite in black soil and root grub in red soil. This was discussed with his learned colleagues, friends and well wishers to establish a research institution to give a soothing effect to farmers.