Prof. V.P. Badanur

(Specialization: Soil Physiology)

A graduate, post graduate and doctorate from University of Agricultural Science, Bangalore. Joined University of Agricultural Science, Bangalore during the year 1970 in AICRP dry land Agriculture, worked as soil physicist and chief scientist (DLA) at regional agriculture research station, Vijayapur from 1976 to 1998. Received two gold medals securing highest marks in Ph.D. Received three national awards for outstanding research work in Dryland agriculture. Worked as Head of Dept. of Soil Science at College of Agriculture, Vijayapur from 1998 to 2003. Guided 20 M.Sc. students. Life member of six scientific societies, published 80 research papers in national and international journals, presented 25 papers in the national and international seminars, contributed ten chapters to different books. Visited Australia.