Dr. S. Ganeshan

(Specialization: Cryopreservation and Genetic Engineering)


Dr. S. Ganeshan is presently Principal Scientist and Head, PGR Division, ICAR-IIHR Bengaluru, a national institution from the ICAR system and Nodal officer, H-PGR . Joined ARS in 1978 and served in various capacities at IIHR;  deputed to work as a visiting scientist to UC Davis & NSSL Fort Collins USA under FAO-UNDP project on Tropical & Subtropical Fruits to carry out work on Pollen Cryopreservation and in vitro Conservation;  developed in vitro conservation technology for grapes, other fruits and medicinal crops from an ICAR ad hoc scheme and NATP as project leader, principal investigator and CCPI, has established in vitro active gene bank for grape,  fruit and medicinal species. Served as Director of JNTBGRI, Palode, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, for 3 years (2005-08). Has more than 35 years of research experience and research management. Contributed immensely towards the conservation and management of horticultural plant genetic resources, bio-prospecting, exploration, collection and ex situ conservation, established crop specific field gene banks, in vitro banks and pollen cryobanks. Developed pollen cryopreservation technologies for Horticultural crops which has led to the establishment of a pollen cryobank for the first time in India for fruit, vegetable, ornamental and medicinal crops. Published 80 papers and 10 book chapters, guided 4 Ph.D. and 5 PG students. UNDP visiting scientist and visited IPGRI Rome. Participated in IPGRI, Malaysia for conservation and sustainable use of wild and cultivated tropical fruit Genetic Diversity. Chaired in the 3rd World Botanical Gardens Congress held on April 2007 at Wuhan, China. Honorary member of National Biodiversity Authority, Chennai, Kerala State Biodiversity Board, Karnataka Biodiversity Board and several other organizations.