Dr. R. Ganesan

(Specialization: Plant Taxonomy and Biodiversity)

Doctorate from University of Madras, Chennai. Have more than two decades of research experience, resulted in the publication of 2-books and more than 30- research papers in nationally and internationally reputed journals. Revised the family Lauraceae in the Western Ghats. Documenting aquatic plant diversity and their bioresource potentials in southern Tamil Nadu, India.  Monitoring the changing biodiversity in Long Term Forest Dynamics plots in southern Western Ghats. Involved in a project addressing the issues of conserving the Non-Timber Forest Product (NTFP). Engaged in the National consultation on “Advancing the Science of Taxonomy in India for Biodiversity Conservation”. Co-organizer & Consultant for the Biodiversity Gardening in an urban landscape project for WIPRO, Bangalore from 2011.  Member,Advisory Committee on Buffer Zone Management of Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve, Tamil nadu Forest Department, Chennai. Operated 12-national and international research projects.